Reggie Pearls lyrical vulnerability is ubiquitous in her brutally honest music. There is freedom in the truth, and Reggie Pearl and Sun Leong invite you to dance off, and accept whatever insights you discover after leaving a relationship, or a situation in their new double single When You Go.
" I think I go it now, know what you were fussing about"
When You Go , ruminates on personal behavior over a driving beat, before melting into a glitchy chorus, accompanied by bouncing synths, 80's clap tracks, and tight high-hats. The track chugs along, before melting into its remix seamlessly. 

Reggie Pearl shot by Frances Baker

Producer and Violinist Sun Leong has become a staple in Reggies live shows and music over the past 4 years for their experimental, angelic and chaotic violin improvisations and string arrangements.
" I think I go it now, know what you were fussing about"
Sun now shows off their production chops, blending thumping electronic music with a beautiful string arrangement at the end. Sun is also known for their work in the  mesmerizing and highly respected Nebulous Quartet.
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