The Saint Louis native who has curated a unique, refined, and emotive sound reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, released a distinct debut album as a teen before moving to Boston . We sat down with them to discus their relationship with music, and to hear about upcoming projects!
Photos by India Jaymes
Reggie Pearl is a Boston based artist running the DIY scene with their distinct, emotional, and jazzy sound. 
Regularly playing with a nylon string guitar, a viola and a stand up bass, she brings a unique and edgy sound to any environment she engulfs.
She has racked up a strong and steady following in New England, and NYC through her magnetic performances.   
"Hey Reggie, How would you describe your relationship to music?"

"My relationship to music is a mirror to my emotions and the world around me. And it also exists as this entity much more powerful than I can put into words. My relationship to music is labyrinthine "
When you are singing, who are you singing to? 
"  I sing to the people who don’t listen when I try to talk. I sing to myself to my cat to the trees! I sing for nobody too... I just love it!!"

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