JULY really snuck up on us. Selfishly... we hope we aren't the only ones. This has been am month of amazing finds and.... well, finds that are new to some of US. Hope you enjoy
- Frances 7/19
 Mercury - Steve Lac 
This song has absolutely hypnotized me. The melody floats down like a feather... and the drums the wind the carries it. The harmonies are a tornado of nostalgia, and the pace of his voice switching from rhythmic and monotone to effortless vibrato makes this song a swirl of instant classic, and modern marvel.
West Coast - Lana Del Ray 
Oh no... Oh yes. I never went through a Lana phase.... safe to say I was very very sorely missing out. If I must pick.. I will pick this one. I love the way the song just falls into the chorus... feels like you are absolutely melting away. 
Reggie Pearl - Moldavite 
Reggie Pearl, an Ugly Cave Artist, released this Live gem under the radar. The cathartic anthem about caving to fate has picked up traction through the bands impeccable live performance, and their cult following.  
Jaxx Michele - No More Silence 
This stunning song by Producer, Artist, and multi-instumentalist Jaxx Michele, comes from the ethereal and heart opening EP Fruition. No More Silence hosts emotional and reverberant vocals bouncing around accompanied by what I believe to be a cello and other worldly pitched back ground vocals. 
Splendi - Unoriginal
“Unoriginal” is the first single from Philly-based splendi, who is making a name for herself in the indie pop-rock community. As a guitarist, drummer, and vocalist, splendi draws you in with her whitty lyricism and infectious hooks. Having just released her first single on May 20th, splendi has already landed Spotify’s Lorem, Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Indie playlists.

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